Best Free Dating Sites in India – GET YOUR DREAM PARTNER!

Technology helped us tremendously. The way we buy our day to day commodities, the way we talk with each other etc everything are changed. The power of the internet has totally transformed our way of life. Who would have thought that by staying at home you can get all you want and online shopping will surpass the regular way of shopping. Online gaming, online shows, online movies, online education are some of the wonderful things that you can do online.

What about Best free Dating Sites in India?

There are lots of websites that claim to be the best free dating sites in India. But effective they will be in actually helping you to get your dream boy or a dream princess?

You just have to make an account and after that you have to simply choose from the list of users and like or dislike their profile. And that’s the way to get connected with them. That’s what these self proclaimed best free dating sites in India say about themselves.

Their reach is all over the country and even across the globe. And every kind of person, whether he or she belongs to a big metropolitan city or a village all are trying their luck on hoping to fill some colors of romance by using these best free dating sites in India.

Best free Dating Sites in India what actually works ?

How can you get your desired partner through online dating? And most importantly what are the deciding factors for a site to be called as one of the best Indian dating sites? Here in this article we will be talking about 10 such websites which have all the qualities needed to be in a dating site.

We will be looking at the features of each one of those and analyze the effectiveness of those sites in the dating world.

Free Online Dating sites in India increasing Day by Day

These are some factors which are making online dating such popular in India:

  1. Select easily: the very start of these best free dating sites in India will be in the form of questions.

Like what type of girl or guy you like? What are your interests and hobbies?

Questions related to age group or area all these you can select and that are a real advantage.

  • Available all the time: You can do as many likes and dislikes, approach as many users as you want. Just by being at home and you can pretty much do it 24×7. If you have a perfectly working internet connectionwith you. No time limit and also there are lots of people too, from whom you can choose your potentialpartner.
  • Broad reach: These best free dating sites in India have a very large user base and they belong to all kinds of categories whether rural or urban.

And also the reach is almost worldwide. So there is no limit to availability of users that can be your potential partner. If a certain someone lives thousands of miles away, you can date him or her. That’s the power of these best free dating sites in India.

  • High effectiveness: When it comes to dating, finding a partner with likeable personality and common preferences is very difficult. Here, on these best Indian dating sites you can find it easily because you will be asked questions regarding your preferences and only those users will be suggested to you who share common interests and hobbies like you.

We have made this list of 10 dating sites and chose only those who have all the qualities of being among the best Indian dating sites in terms of effectiveness in making you a happy couple from a lonely single, so here is the list…

  1. is one such site in the list of best free dating sites in India where you will not only be able to make your dream of getting a desired mate true, but fulfilling all your wildest fantasies, will be much easier. Because it’s one such community of attractive women, who are keeping their mind open, also have a fun loving attitude and are willing to have excitement in dating to its fullest.

These users here will definitely love to involve with you in like-minded romantic activities. Exploring exciting adventures and doing fun things together of all kinds will definitely be possible here on this website.

That makes one special website in the list of best Indian dating sites.

Indian Online Dating Site For Your Enjoyment

  • You can have naughty talks, dating with no strings attached, clubbing, going to pubs together, serious relationships, or even get married. All these can be done on
  • Here registration is done in a way that you will get to know your personality and that will be displayed to your potential users as well, that will increase the possibility of making you connected with a desired and compatible mate.
  • Are you a man or woman and whom you want to date, after asking such questions, your build type, hobbies etc will be asked, to get to know you better and provide you with a specific list of users on your screen, so that you get your dream partner as soon as possible.
  • The purpose of this special registration process is to make your profile more attractive and after that definitely your potential partner will approach and want to connect with you.
  • A team which is fully dedicated for your success in the dating world, and is available for you 24×7.
  • You have plenty of choices everyday on your screen. You can get matched with them and begin your dating process.
  • All the data of users will be safe and secure. Total confidentiality is maintained.
  • Get started by signing up and entering in the exciting world of dating, in one of the best communities in all best free dating sites in India.

This website is mainly for those singles, who are not much into committed relationships but just want to explore romance fully.

This is one such site in the list of best free dating sites in India where you can simply look for people, who are into casual dating, no strings attached fun etc those who want to experience dating into a more of an exciting and adventurous way, that person can join this website.

You can start by making an account on this site and dating the local singles.

There is a form to fill and after that you can start your dating adventures. Just search for someone with whom you feel compatible and share the same fantasies and just rock your world.

Approaching, messaging and then fixing a date, you can do that with your desired person near you.

Sharing daily status also can be done here.

1 to 1 messaging will require a paid membership so keep that in your remembrance.

It’s a totally safe and secure site and you can carefreely share your data and enjoy dating fully.

  • Tinder:

Tinder is a well known name in the online dating world. This is a really very popular platform for dating. Tinder is an American brand and has millions of users and availability of tinder is almost every language.

And that’s a good reason to keep tinder in the list of best free dating sites in India.

Free dating sites in India without registration

  • Lots and lots of options are here on tinder so getting your dream guy or girl is kind of convenient.
  • Don’t like or dislike unconsciously. You may regret it if you accidentally like or dislike someone you don’t want.
  • Getting matched with your childhood crush or someone you know is possible because of the high popularity of tinder among people.
  • All genders are welcomed on tinder and there no discrimination towards LGBTQ community users.
  • Fake accounts are a lot on tinder, ai so beware about this and don’t get attached to some wrong person.
  • Here you need to be extra conscious about safety so don’t share your personal details with everyone.
  • On tinder people are mainly for hookups and casual intimate encounters. If you are looking for true love or serious romance you should choose the right partner. So be aware that you don’t end up with a person who is not into different things than you.
  • You need to always keep in mind that you are swiping right or left consciously, if you do it wrong by mistake you won’t be able to undo it.
  • Bumble:

This one is also American based platform and its popularity is very high. The main thing aboutbumble is that it does not promote only dating but business networking and friendship as well. Only female users are allowed to start the conversation here.

In breaking the stereotype of ‘male should approach first’ is broken here.

This is really a wonderful step in creating an atmosphere of equality and in same gender matches anyone can begin the conversation.

Although having a user friendly approach towards its members, bumble has strict rules in verification method because it wants to make dating a safe experience especially for women.

Android, iOS, and web all kinds of users can get benefits here.

Some useful information about Bumble which you need to know:

  • Here female users start the conversation and that’s a good step in creating equality in both genders.
  • More than half of the matches will turn into actual dates, and one big advantage of this platform.
  • Both female users and male users are almost the same in numbers on this platform.
  • On Bumble you will not only get users interested in dating, but also in networking for business and friendship as well.
  • Control your desire to start the conversation of you are a man, because it’s not allowed here.
  • After getting matched you should start a conversation otherwise the match becomes negligible in 24 hours. You have to get matched again with this person.

Only those sites should be considered as the best free dating sites in India that help you in getting what you are looking for in the dating world.

And is up to the mark in this criterion.

Here it’s all about fun manly, no matter if you want a serious relationship or a no strings attached relationship, you can approach users of this site in both ways.

Some people are not actually looking for a long term, serious heart to heart relationship.

They are simply exploring their desires and fantasies.

That’s what kind of people they are.

And that’s what they love doing.

And that Is totally acceptable here.

Community of this website is very much open to all this.

So, with the guarantee of safety and security, this website offers you a platform where you can fulfill your desires and cravings in the most romantic way. Sign up in the same way like it’s done in other best free dating sites in India and start exploring this new journey of love and fun.


On this website only those accounts will be allowed, those are trustworthy enough and that’s why catfishing, fake accounts etc will be totally negligible on this website.

So, here you will find authentic beautiful singles with whom you will love to involve and begin your dating journey with a totally free and cheerful mindset.

Secrecy in person data is always maintained here. As we mentioned above, making an account is very useful on this website and it’s very safe also.

Using offensive language towards any religion, caste, creed etc is totally prohibited here, and that is one hell of a quality to be in the list of best Indian dating sites.

So, don’t use any such language, be kind, be real and be the best version of yourself to get the best out of this website.

  • eHarmony

When it comes to gaining trust of users this website has a very special place in heart if users among the list of best Indian dating sites.

The compatibility quiz they take in this site is very interesting and can be very useful to actually have a partner with whom you feel connected at all levels.

It is done in the sign up process and has very good results in dating.

Questions about ideal date, ideal partner, hobbies etc will be asked in this compatibility quiz then it will be matched from other users and a list of such users will be shown on your screen. You can begin approaching them and actually date them online as well as start meeting in real life.

So, simply put some good images and attract your potential mate. You can have the benefit of a video calling facility as well.


It’s really heartbreaking when you get rejected by someone whom you truly admire and what to have a beautiful romantic relationship, you can lose your confidence too.

And that’s why online dating is better, it’s all about how presentable a profile you make and just approach without being scared over text and slowly build your connection and get to make a real date when you feel comfortable. is one such site in best Indian dating sites where you can fulfill your dream of having a partner and that too by building it step by step and your fear of getting rejected will be negligible. This is also a very safe and secure site.

Here is one website for you, which takes care of its users totally and makes sure everyone has a very safe and secure dating experience.

In all these best Indian dating sites, gives security of users as its first priority and strong actions are taken immediately towards fake.

  1. Match

This website will be very useful for you if you are looking for dating users outside India as well. The reach of this website is very wide and it has many such special features which made it one of the best free dating sites in India. Daily stories, messaging, calling etc are some of its major features.

It is a very safe website and you can join and begin your dating process without any worry.